• P L A N N I N G


A common question I'm often asked is "do I really need a wedding planner?" The simple answer is yes. Even wedding planners need wedding planners for their weddings. Planning a wedding can easily take up to 250 hours. In addition to finding reliable and quality vendors, there are price negotiations, many vendor visits, hours of research, timeline, invitations, venue management, budget planning, designing, coordinating...

It is your wedding, the best day of your life. You should be able to enjoy every waking moment and let yourself be the bride. You want your wedding to be beautiful and unforgettable. You have many ideas that you want to bring to life. You've been to other weddings and you want your wedding to be better. With us as your wedding planner, you can achieve all of these things and more. Your valuable time can be saved for other important things, while we work behind the scenes organizing and making the proper arrangements based on your preferences.

We will assist you with creative ideas to help make your wedding stand out and create layouts, timelines, and floor plans to ensure your wedding will be smooth and seamless. We will help reduce your costs by guiding you to make the right decisions that are in the best interest to you and your budget. Moreover, we are well connected with many reputable vendors and will help you book their services, manage their operations, or even suggest less expensive alternatives when possible. Most importantly, as your wedding planner we will help to relieve the anxiety and the stress with planning a wedding, and put you in a position to be where you should be, and that is with your family and friends to celebrate your special moment.


Every wedding is different and every bride and groom has their own needs, ideas, and vision in mind. That is why we do not offer packages because we understand that not every wedding is the same. Instead, we offer a complimentary consultation and put together a plan that is uniquely designed for you.

We encourage you to connect with us so that we may discuss your ideas, thoughts, and concerns. The initial consultation is complimentary, and it will allow us to get to know one another and help you decide if we are the right wedding planner for you.